Vietnam Travel Market Tracker is the only specialized travel market tracking solution that provides insights directly from Vietnamese travelers on the domestic and outbound sectors. We launched surveys each quarter, and allow every destination and business to get the most up-to-date information on Vietnam travelers with a cost-effective solution.


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What Included

The Vietnam Travel Market Tracker explores and monitors quarterly all changes in the insights of Vietnamese travelers by cross-combining data research modules on the behavior, characteristics, psychology and demographic, and lifestyle of a Vietnamese traveler.
A complete framework of Vietnamese travelers will be updated through 3 key indicators:

Tracking full insights on the ID of traveler (Age Generation, Income, Household composition) and analyzing the motivation (motive, barrier) and the value of Vietnamese traveler.
Tracking full insights on the travel flow and key of Vietnamese traveler, including: destination choice, trip planning, services choice, spending.
Tracking full insights on the factors impacting, and pushing the consumer trends and the satisfaction index of Vietnamese traveler.


Why you need

A bespoke and most up-to-date comprehensive study on Vietnamese traveler

Vietnam Travel Market Tracker allows brands and professionals not only to regularly monitor all changes in the insights of Vietnamese travelers across travel seasons but also to explore the complete framework of Vietnamese travelers through key indicators.

Based on our quarterly reports, you can know all about Vietnamese travelers and find out all that they think, connect, and inspired.

An insights tracking solution best suited to all kinds of destination and business

Quarterly Survey respondents of Vietnam Travel Market Tracker are all Vietnamese who have traveled abroad or/and domestically at least once a quarter.

Our Vietnam Travel Market Tracker is ideal for any travel brand or business – including destinations, hotels, attractions, airlines, TAs, OTAs, that target the Vietnamese consumer who travels abroad as well as domestically.

Make data-driven decisions at an affordable cost

Different from a custom-built market research solution, our solution allows you to maximize a limited research budget to obtain the evidence needed for effective decision-making.

No matter the size of your business or destination, you can get answers to your most pressing questions about the Vietnamese market and make your data-driven decisions with confidence, supported by our all-in-one tracking solution.

A high-quality research process with reliable results

We field our surveys with up to 1000 samples per quarter via an online panel, which actively recruits and maintains a million Vietnamese consumers across the country. The respondents must fit a set list of criteria with quotas to form a nationally representative sample of Vietnamese travelers.
Two-process quality control is applied during and after fielding. First, platform-specific quality control includes preventing the same IP from answering the questionnaire more than once, invalid responses, and incomplete responses. Then, manual quality control by our research analysts is applied to detect bias in the responses, such as agree with all, select only the first or last response, or giving socially desirable answers to questions.

More than just any quarterly report

You will receive quarterly a full insight report containing the findings and analysis according to respondents’ profiles, behaviors, and preferences.

Not only that, but we will also invite you to our exclusive workshop series, where we will assist you in better understanding the insights.