What is Voice-up Hub?

Voice-up Hub is created to build a community for people who are knowledgeable and eager to contribute their ideas, opinions to develop the Tourism & Hospitality industry. The program is diverse in terms of participants, not limited to positions, ranks, departments, or any part of the Tourism & Hospitality industry.

Positioned as a pioneer in providing optimal enterprise solutions based on quality data, Outbox believes that data-driven is the core of every successful strategy. Therefore, diversifying the collection methods so that the data always meets the quality – transparency – timely recording parameters and behavioral characteristics of visitors is essential. Through the programme, we would like to become a bridge to connect, take your suggestions and visualize your ideas for the development for the tourism industry.

Let’s become a member of Voice-up Hub to have the opportunity to connect with members and leading experts, who share the same opinion, desire to build, and market orientation.

How to join Voice-up Hub?

Sign up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Access and Fill in the information HERE
  2. Receive a confirmation email from The Outbox Company
  3. To ensure the quality and purpose of the reports, we will contact you when your information is relevant to ours.

Benefits when joining Voice-up Hub

  • Become a member of the Tourism & Hospitality Community
  • Share and comment on quality analysis reports
  • Receive offers from Outbox’s services/ products
  • Official thank-you letter from the program
  • Receive special and in-depth market updates
  • Opportunity to get first hands on our quality report as complimentary gift (depending on the project)