Korean Destination Image In Vietnamese Visitors’ Perception Report

Report Overview

The report “Korean destination image in Vietnamese visitors’ perception” is published by The Outbox Company, an independent research &consulting firm specialized in tourism and hospitality in Vietnam.

The report provides an overview, along with analysis of the characteristics and factors that built the destination image in visitor perception. This image influences tourist behavior, the decision to choose a destination and satisfaction through traveling. Therefore, understanding visitors’ perception of a destination is essential to forecast tourism demand as well as its impact on that destination, and helps managers have a more effective plan of building a positive image and effective marketing strategies.

In addition, to illustrate tourist perceptions of a destination, the report also explores factors that make up the perception of Vietnamese tourists about the image of Korean, a destination many Vietnamese like.

Language: English

What you will learn from this report

1. Destination image and its impact on visitor behaviors and marketing activities.
2. Image of Korean destination in Vietnamese visitors’ perception.