Vietnamese travel sentiment report

Report Overview

Reality has shown that, under the impact of Covid-19, the perception and behaviour of travellers have changed over time to adapt and build the “new normal” in all activities in life. These changes take place in short and continuous cycles following the evolution of the pandemic, therefore, tracking changes in behaviour and mindset of travellers over time helps businesses in the industry better understand the changes and readiness of travellers in this new normal period.

Realising the importance of traveler’s sentiment index for the return of travel, Outbox conducted the report “Vietnamese Travel Sentiment” to analyse the changes in the readiness and perception of Vietnamese travellers towards traveling activities after a long pause as well as the travellers profile of different generations.

With the new brand positioning focusing on optimal and authentic data analysis and research solutions, we believe that often tracking the index about the change of both travellers and businesses will become the important trends for the tourism industry in the path of rebound more sustainable in the future.

Language: English

What you will learn from this report

  1. Vietnamese travellers profile in the next new normal
  2. Vietnamese Travel Sentiment