Vietnamese Travel Sentiment Snapshot, 06-09/2022 period

Report Overview

Following the two surveys on Vietnamese Travel Sentiment conducted in October 2021 and November 2021, Outbox continues to measure Vietnamese Travel Sentiment under the impact of Covid-19 for the 2022 summer travel season in order to provide the tourism industry with a comprehensive view of the changes in Vietnamese travelers over the period

The report “Vietnamese Travel Sentiment Snapshot, 06-09/2022 period” is the outcome of Vietnam Travel Tracker research, which was conducted in May 2022, focusing on investigating the readiness to travel, concerns and preferences of Vietnamese travelers when returning to travel in the 2022 summer travel season.

With those data and insights from the report, Outbox aims to provide an overview of the Vietnamese Travel Market, especially their feelings about the recovery of the domestic market and their travel experience, their concerns when returning to travel, and their international destination preferences. Therefore, capturing the Travel Sentiment Index will help travel businesses and DMOs in Vietnam have the basis to determine the level of readiness to travel of Vietnamese travelers before every peak travel season, so they could prepare better business plans for the upcoming summer travel season.

Language: English

What you will learn from this report

The report “Vietnamese Travel Sentiment Snapshot, 06-09/2022 period” has 3 main sections :

1. Travel state of the domestic market

2. Vietnamese traveler’s concerns when returning to travel

3. International destination preferences