Mobile Device Usage Habit Of Vietnamese Millennials Travelers On Their Travels

Report Overview

“Research on mobile device usage habits of Vietnamese Millennials travelers on their travels” report is conducted by The Outbox Company – an independent research & consulting firm specialized in tourism and hospitality pioneering in Vietnam.

This report is undertaken with the aim of analyzing and describing mobile phone usage behaviors of Vietnamese millennials generation when traveling.

Moreover, the topic A Journey of Me from the research of Amadeus (2017) with the important impacts on converting the tourism industry to gain more profound insight into travelers at each touch-point in their journey is also an inspiration for us to conduct analyses in the report.

Language: English

What you will learn from this report

In 2019, Vietnamese Millennials (from 26-35 years old) accounted for 25.5% of the entire population. Millennials are inducing an enormous change to the tourism industry. To understand exactly how Millennials are doing this, Destination marketing organizations (DMOs), as well as travel service providers, truly have to grasp this tourist group’s characteristics and psychology by considering the events which influence them, their values and their consumption choices for service products which are not related to the tourism industry. Besides sharing certain characteristics, Millennials from different areas of the world have different behaviors and favorite experiences and Vietnamese Millennials are no exception. Economic, social and cultural characteristics have made differences in their behaviors and experiences when it comes to work and also travel.

The journey to grasping mobile device usage habits of ‘ME’ – Vietnamese millennial travelers comprises:

1. Understanding ‘ME’ (chief characteristics of Vietnamese millennial travelers)
2. Inspiring ‘ME’ (how Vietnamese Millennials seek inspiration and information on their travels)
3. Connecting ‘ME’ (how Vietnamese millennial travelers get their mobile devices connected)
4. Caring for ‘ME’ (what Vietnamese millennial travelers use mobile devices for on their travels)