Market Intelligence

Asia Travel Market Tracker

Asia Travel Market Tracker is an all-in-one travel market intelligence, providing a comprehensive source of actionable insights into the Asian travel market by combining and crossing all data of Asia travelers.

Asia Hotel Brand Survey

Asia Hotel Brand Survey is a hotel brand monitoring model that serves as a new industry benchmark, measuring the Asia hotel brands’ recognition for local and international hotels.

Vietnam Travel-Focused Omnibus Survey

Vietnam Travel-Focused Omnibus Survey is a leading agile market research solution focused on the Vietnamese travelers through the continuous collection of monthly data on behavioral changes as well as customized surveys that are tailored to the brand’s objectives at each stage.

Custom Solutions

Make customer centric decisions with a complete picture of target audience reference and behaviour
Test the perception and willingness to buy of your target audience groups before launching new concepts or ideas to maximize effectiveness
Enhance customer experiences programs by tracing stages and touchpoints of your audience's journey
Make realistic forecast toward customer's decision by understand their eagerness and reaction towards a certain event
Identify areas of improvement through understanding key customer moments and interactions to improve overall customer satisfaction
Fuel your brand strategy with insights on top performance metrics including awareness, perception, and more
Estimate the scale of the market at total available and serviceable level to make effective business decisions
Understand organic thinking and feeling of your target tourist markets through a measurement of perception and sentiment of visitors

Our Approach

To meet your business’ requirements, we set attainable objectives, clear data collection and analysis methodologies best suit your needs that are well-understood within the organization.
An effective market research means transforming data into actionable insights. We walk you through an informed interpretation of what the results mean regarding your primary questions and objectives about the research.
To meet your requirement is our goal but to exceed your expectation is our priority. We deliver not a report but a solution to optimize your business strategy.

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